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Bone vessel functions during bone remodeling are poorly understood. They depend on both vessel network structure and vasomotor regulation. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is a systemic vasodilator that may modulate microvascularization. Moreover, although intermittent PTH is anti-osteoporotic, continuous PTH administration can be catabolic for bone. Finally,(More)
One of the most important but least studied environmental factors playing a major role in bone physiology is gravity. While the knowledge of deleterious effects of microgravity on the skeleton is expanding, little is known about hypergravity and its osteogenic potential. Centrifugation was used to assess effects of 21-day continuous 2- or 3-g acceleration(More)
The physiological role of bone vascularization in bone metabolism begins to be understood; however, its involvement in pathological situations remains poorly explored. Bone blood supply depends on both vascular density and blood flow. However, in mice, the specific evaluation of perfusion in bone suffers from a lack of easy-handling measurement tools. In(More)
Risk for premature osteoporosis is a major health concern in astronauts and cosmonauts; the reversibility of the bone lost at the weight-bearing bone sites is not established, although it is suspected to take longer than the mission length. The bone three-dimensional structure and strength that could be uniquely affected by weightlessness is currently(More)
BACKGROUND Dry immersion (DI), a ground-based model of microgravity previously used in Russia, has been recently implemented in France. The aim of this study was to analyze early events in a short-term DI model in which all conditions are met to investigate who is first challenged from osteo- or adipo-kines and to what extent they are associated to(More)
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