Myriam Moreau

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What is the fastest way of finding a randomly hidden target? Experimental observations reveal that the search behavior of foraging animals is generally intermittent: active search phases randomly alternate with phases of fast ballistic motion. Here, we study the efficiency of this two state search strategy by calculating analytically the mean first passage(More)
Lévy flights are known to be optimal search strategies in the particular case of revisitable targets. In the relevant situation of nonrevisitable targets, we propose an alternative model of two-dimensional (2D) search processes, which explicitly relies on the widely observed intermittent behavior of foraging animals. We show analytically that intermittent(More)
In this presentation we overview some recent results on biased tracer diffusion in lattice gases. We consider both models in which the gas particles density is explicitly conserved and situations in which the lattice gas particles undergo continuous exchanges with a reservoir, which case is appropriate, e.g., to adsorbed monolayers in contact with the vapor(More)
The applicability of Raman spectroscopy to characterize disordered and heterogeneous carbonaceous materials (CM) is discussed, by considering both natural and synthetic CM. First, different analytical mismatches during the measurement are discussed and technical indications are provided in order to eliminate them. Second, the accuracy and relevance of the(More)
In this paper we present a computation of the mean first-passage times both for a random walk in a discrete bounded lattice, between a starting site and a target site, and for a Brownian motion in a bounded domain, where the target is a sphere. In both cases, we also discuss the case of two targets, including splitting probabilities and conditional mean(More)
Gas hydrates and gas bubbles were collected during the MARNAUT cruise (May–June 2007) in the Sea of Marmara along the North Anatolian Fault system, Turkey. Gas hydrates were sampled in the western part of the Sea of Marmara (on the Western High), and three gas-bubble samples were recovered on the Western High, the Central High (center part of the Sea of(More)
We propose a novel definition of efficiency, valid for motors in a nonequilibrium stationary state exchanging heat and possibly other resources with an arbitrary number of reservoirs. This definition, based on a rational estimation of all irreversible effects associated with power production, is adapted to the concerns of sustainable development. Under(More)
The increasing interest in nanoscience in many research fields like physics, chemistry, and biology, including the environmental fate of the produced nano-objects, requires instrumental improvements to address the sub-micrometric analysis challenges. The originality of our approach is to use both the super-resolution concept and multivariate curve(More)
Performance and reliability of wide bandgap high-power amplifiers are correlated with their thermal behavior. Thermal model development and suitable temperature measurement systems are necessary to quantify the channel temperature of devices in real operating conditions. As a direct temperature measurement within a channel is most of the time not(More)
We present a novel computational method of first-passage times between a starting site and a target site of regular bounded lattices. We derive accurate expressions for all the moments of this first-passage time, validated by numerical simulations. Their range of validity is discussed. We also consider the case of a starting site and two targets. In(More)