Myriam Leggieri

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The W3C Semantic Sensor Network Incubator group (the SSN-XG), as one of its activities, produced an OWL 2 ontology to describe sensors and observations the SSN ontology, available at The SSN ontology can describe the capabilities of sensors, the measurement processes used and the resultant observations, and can be aligned(More)
The developed world is awash with sensors. However, they are typically locked into unimodal closed systems. To unleash their full potential, access to sensors should be opened such that their data and services can be integrated with data and services available in other information systems facilitating novel applications and services that are based on the(More)
The increasing convergence of the Internet as the global information backbone and embedded systems and sensors as key information providers on the state of the physical world to this backbone requires efficient design and implementation methodologies which do not exist to date. Currently, the development of applications spanning both worlds is cumbersome(More)
For the Internet of Things to finally become a reality, obstacles on different levels need to be overcome. This is especially true for the upcoming challenge of leaving the domain of technical experts and scientists. Devices need to connect to the Internet and be able to offer services. They have to announce and describe these services in(More)
The authors evaluated severely obese patients to determine whether being far different in body shape from the accepted standard may cause obese people to develop alexithymic personality traits. They evaluated the food- and weight-related attitudes in obesity surgery patients and in long-term follow-up of those who had previously had biliopancreatic(More)
The logging of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is becoming increasingly popular mainly thanks to wearable devices. Currently, most sensors used for ADLs logging are queried and filtered mainly by location and time. However, in an Internet of Things future, a query will return a large amount of sensor data. Therefore, existing approaches will not be(More)