Myriam Hernández Alvarez

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In this paper we proposed a survey in sentiment, polarity and function analysis of citations. This is an interesting area that has had an increased development in recent years but still has plenty of room for growth and further research. The amount of scientific information in the web makes it necessary innovate the analysis of the influence of the work of(More)
Citation analysis that uses counting methods causes deformations in impact factor assessment. To enrich impact factor calculation is necessary to understand the kind of influence that the contributions of an author have over another ́s work. For this purpose, it is required to perform citation content analysis to obtain its function, polarity and influence(More)
Since, at the moment, there is not a goldstandard annotated corpus to allow generation and testing of automatic systems for classifying the purpose or function of a citation referenced in an article; it is necessary to build one, for this objective. The development of this kind of corpus is subject to two conditions: the first one is to present a clear and(More)
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