Myriam Hansel

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EEG studies suggested that the N170 ERP and Gamma-band responses to faces reflect early and later stages of a multiple-level face-perception mechanism, respectively. However, these conclusions should be considered cautiously because EEG-recorded Gamma may be contaminated by noncephalic activity such as microsaccades. Moreover, EEG studies of Gamma cannot(More)
This study investigated the influence of an enteral diet supplemented with arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, and nucleotides (Impact, Sandoz Nutrition, Berne, Switzerland) on the incidence of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and multiple organ failure (MOF) in patients after severe trauma. Thirty-two patients with an injury-severity score > 20(More)
We used mouse soleus in vitro (n = 30) and canine gastrocnemius-plantaris preparations (n = 20) pump-perfused at the animal's blood pressure to establish if free radicals contribute to fatigue in oxidative skeletal muscle. The soleus from each leg contracted for 200 ms (70 Hz) once every minute for 60 min in Hepes buffer gassed with 100% oxygen at 27(More)
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