Myriam Blanchard

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BACKGROUND Outer-membrane-vesicle vaccines for meningococcal B outbreaks are complex and time consuming to develop. We studied the use of already available vaccine to control an outbreak caused by a genetically close strain. METHODS From 2006 to 2009, all individuals younger than 20 years living in the region of Normandy, France, in which an outbreak(More)
BACKGROUND During August 2003, record high temperatures were observed across Europe, and France was the country most affected. During this period, elevated ozone concentrations were measured all over the country. Questions were raised concerning the contribution of O3 to the health impact of the summer 2003 heat wave. METHODS We used a time-series design(More)
INTRODUCTION Short term associations between air pollution indicators and hospitalizations for cardiovascular diseases have been suggested by epidemiological and clinical studies. The present study aims at estimating the association between particles with diameter <10 microm (PM(10)), nitrogen dioxide (NO(2)) and ozone and hospitalizations for(More)
INTRODUCTION Worldwide, air pollution has become a main environmental cause of premature mortality. This burden is largely due to fine particles. Recent cohort studies have confirmed the health risks associated with chronic exposure to PM2.5 for European and French populations. We assessed the mortality impact of PM2.5 in continental France using these new(More)
Twelve high schools in Japan (of which six are in Fukushima Prefecture), four in France, eight in Poland and two in Belarus cooperated in the measurement and comparison of individual external doses in 2014. In total 216 high-school students and teachers participated in the study. Each participant wore an electronic personal dosimeter 'D-shuttle' for two(More)
BACKGROUND A heatwave occurred in France in August 2003, with an accompanying excess of all-cause mortality. This study quantifies this excess mortality and investigates a possible harvesting effect in the few weeks after the heatwave. METHODS A time-series study using a Poisson regression model with regression splines to control for nonlinear confounders(More)
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