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1 2 Abstract For many years, researchers in the field of mobile robotics have been investigating the use of genetic and evolutionary computation (GEC) to aid the development of mobile robot controllers. Alongside the fundamental choices of the GEC mechanism and its operators , which apply to both simulated and physical evolutionary robotics, other issues(More)
Keywords: Swarm intelligence Wireless Mobile ad hoc network Sensor network Ant-inspired Bee-inspired a b s t r a c t Agent-based routing in wireless ad hoc networks defines a set of rules that all the participating nodes follow. Routing becomes a collaboration between nodes, reducing computational and resource costs. Swarm Intelligence uses agent-like(More)
A central aim of robotics research is to design robots that can perform in the real world; a real world that is often highly changeable in nature. An important challenge for researchers is therefore to produce robots that can improve their performance when the environment is stable, and adapt when the environment changes. This paper reports on experiments(More)
A hormone-inspired task scheduling method is described which assigns tasks to a group of robots, taking into account the robotspsila performances. This method draws on previous work using endocrine-based methodologies, and incorporates existing evolutionary robotics methods. In the resulting system, robot performance data, generated as part of evolution, is(More)
Increasing complexity of design in automotive electrical systems has been paralleled by increased demands for analysis of the safety and reliability aspects of those designs. Such demands can place a great burden on the engineers charged with carrying out the analysis. This paper describes how the intended functions of a circuit design can be combined with(More)
We introduce a new bee-inspired routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. Emphasis is given to the ability of bees to evaluate paths by considering several quality factors. In order to achieve similar behaviour in the networking environment, BeeIP is using cross-layering. Fetching parameters from the lower PHY and MAC layers to the core of the protocol,(More)