Myra Lydon

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This paper addresses the problems of effective in situ measurement of the real-time strain for bridge weigh in motion in reinforced concrete bridge structures through the use of optical fiber sensor systems. By undertaking a series of tests, coupled with dynamic loading, the performance of fiber Bragg grating-based sensor systems with various amplification(More)
A system is described for the analysis of blood flow signals in the aortic artery which enables indices of stroke volume and cardiac output to be derived. A commercial Doppler ultrasound monitor is used, the demodulated return signals are digitised, and frequency analysis is performed in real time using an FFT signal processing circuit. A Z-80(More)
Patients with large burns are surviving in increasing numbers, but there remains no durable and reliable permanent skin replacement. After initial favorable small animal experiments, a pilot trial of a composite skin replacement was performed in patients with massive burns. A composite skin replacement (CSR) was developed by culturing autologous(More)
The review compares five methods that utilise electronic/computer acoustic processing techniques for the analysis of infantile stridor sounds. The first method uses traditional spectrographic techniques to produce time/frequency/intensity three-dimensional representation of the waveform. The second method is computer-based and uses the fast Fourier(More)
BACKGROUND Scanning, high-powered carbon dioxide laser ablation of eschar may facilitate blood conservation in patients with burns. METHODS Twenty-one children with full-thickness burns that required serial excisions were enrolled in a Human Studies Committee approved protocol in which a full-thickness wound was ablated with a rapidly scanned continuous(More)
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