Myoung S. Lim

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The performance of the combined beamforming of space-time block coding according to the number of antenna array group was analyzed. CB STBC single array and CB STBC double array were compared under the conditions of DOA and SNR. The CB STBC double array is shown to have a stable performance independent of DOA and angular spread.
This paper describes the design process of Car Black Box system IC. As x by wire is introduced to the several part in vehicle, the demand of automotive semiconductors are increasing. Because it will be mandatory for every car to be equipped with Car Black Box, it is expected that many ICs for Car Black Box also will be integrated. Unlike general electronic(More)
A hybrid encryption and decryption technique for optical information security is proposed. In this method, the iterative Fourier transform algorithm is employed to optimize the encrypted hologram and the decryption key as binary phase-only diffractive optical elements, which were fabricated by electron-beam lithography. In a simple optical setup, the(More)
In this paper we present a transceiver scheme based on a novel equalizer for indoor DS-UWB systems. The proposed scheme consists of a transmitter, a receiver with a novel equalizer which can reduce the overhead during the training phase and reduce the computation complexity without inducing loss of the BER performance. Furthermore, we evaluate performance(More)
This paper presents a simple diversity scheme by selecting the transmit antennas according to the feedback channel state information. Compare with the simple transmit diversity scheme using two transmit antennas and one receive antenna (STD/spl, it obtains better performance of 1.5 dB and requires almost half radiated power.
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