Myoung-Ho Lee

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We have developed a WWW-based TelePACS that can access every permitted PACS server via the Internet. Java programming techniques were used to implement the system, which can access and retrieve medical information and images through Web browsers such as netscape without specific tools. We also have developed a consolidator that performs as a manager to(More)
This paper introduces a new technique that reduces the search time and improves the motion estimation accuracy by using the high temporal and spatial correlation of a motion vector. Instead of using a fixed first-search point, as in previous search algorithms, the proposed method identifies a more accurate first search point through compensating the search(More)
In this article, we propose a new algorithm using the characteristics of reconstructed phase portraits by delay-coordinate mapping utilizing lag rotundity for a real-time detection of QRS complexes in ECG signals. In reconstructing phase portrait the mapping parameters, time delay, and mapping dimension play important roles in shaping of portraits drawn in(More)
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