Myoung Ho Lee

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The new MPEG-4 video coding standard enables content-based functionalities. In order to support the philosophy of the MPEG-4 visual standard, each frame of video sequences should be represented in terms of video object planes (VOP’s). In other words, video objects to be encoded in still pictures or video sequences should be prepared before the encoding(More)
In conventional predictive quantization schemes for 3-D mesh geometry, excessively large residuals or prediction errors, although occasional, lead to visually unacceptable geometric distortion. This is due to the fact that they cannot limit the maximum quantization error within a given bound. In order to completely eliminate the visually unacceptable(More)
Since 1998, venture businesses in Korea had been flourishing for few years because there were substantial supports from Korean government. Recently, the government driven policy has been continually transformed into the characteristic of market driven investment. At this point, this research try to clarify the major ecosystem of venture businesses including(More)
With too much advancement in electronics communication technology with recent trend in mobile wireless broadband a multimedia conversation has been emerged and added complexity to mobilephonenetwork business model. This paper is acted in modeling wireless communication network with reviewing broadcasting. Constraints of a mobile broadcasting service in(More)
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