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Photocatalytic oxidation of trichloroethylene in water using a porous ball of nano-ZnO and nanoclay composite
The presence of nondegradable organic compounds and xenobiotic chemicals in water is a great concern for the general public because of their polar properties and toxicity. For instance,Expand
Effects of Calcium Aluminate Compounds on Hydration of BFS
Blast furnace slag(BFS) is well known for its hardening mechanism in ordinary Portland cement with alkali activation due to its latent hydraulic property. The possibility of using calcium compound asExpand
Properties of ion leaching of alkali-activated blast furnace slag at early hydration
Efforts are being made to reduce carbon dioxide formation in the cement industry, and studies continue to show the effectiveness of blast furnace slag (BFS) as a cement substitute. BFS is well knownExpand
Pore Structure Changes in Hardened Cement Paste Exposed to Elevated Temperature
Hardened cement-based materials exposed to the high temperatures of a fire are known to experience change in the pore structure as well as microstructural changes that affect their mechanicalExpand
The Effects of Sepiolite on the Properties of Portland Cement Mortar
Shrinkage crack is a major concern for cement materials, especially for flat structures such as Korean On-Dol floor system, flooring for garages, and wall. One of the methods to reduce the adverseExpand
Physical properties and carbon dioxide capture of synthetic gamma-C2S cement composites in the early days of curing
This study investigates how the porosity and compressive strength of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) blended with different ratios of synthetic gamma dicalcium silicate (γ-C2S) change in the first 28Expand
Synthesis and properties of calcium sulphoaluminate using fluidised-bed boiler ash
Abstract Various shrinkage-reducing agents and expansive admixtures have been developed to decrease the drying shrinkage of concrete at construction sites. However, concrete with addedExpand
Effect of High-Molecular Weight Organic Compounds on Improvement of Pore Structure of Cement Materials
Carbon dioxide emissions involved in global warming are one of the most important issues in the world, and carbon dioxide emissions from the cement industry are about 7% of total carbon dioxideExpand
The Properties of Repair Cement Mortar with Insulation Performance under the Composite Deterioration Conditions
In this study, we studied on the durability of restorative cement mortar for deteriorated concrete at complex deteriorated conditions as variation of temperature and of humidities. We made aExpand
In this study, surface-modified inorganic-organic nano silica composite to have self-dispersibility was synthesized, and the effects of the synthesized material on the initial hydration of cementExpand