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Minimally invasive surgery-total knee arthroplasty (MIS-TKA) requires a skin incision of < or =5 inches (measured with the knee in full extension). A mini midvastus approach limits surgical dissection and resultant soft tissue trauma. The patella is subluxated laterally but not everted . MIS-TKA is technically challenging and instrument dependent. The(More)
PURPOSE Although knee arthroscopy is described as minimally invasive, return to activity has been poorly quantitated. Our purpose is to test the hypothesis that most patients return to unrestricted activity within 4 weeks after knee arthroscopy. METHODS After prospective power analysis, 72 consecutive patients who underwent arthroscopic knee partial(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the clinical presentation, and diagnostic and therapeutic implications in patients with retro-rectal tumors. METHODS This paper reports two patients. Both patients had constipation and change in bowel habits, and the physical examination revealed the retro-rectal neoplasia. One of the patients had rectal intra-luminal invasion due to(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgical treatment for anorectal fistula may be difficult because of the risk of recurrence, prolonged healing or anal incontinence following the operation. OBJECTIVE To analyze the experience with the surgical management of ano-rectal fistula during a period of 17 years. PATIENTS AND METHODS The medical records of 105 patients with(More)
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