Mykola Karpinskyy

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We present masking countermeasure for mCrypton encryption algorithm. We constructed masked computational flow of mCrypton using developed provably secure masked basic operations. Results of hardware implementation of masked mCrypton processor show suitability of the masked mCrypton for resource-constrained devices.
As information hiding, the digital watermark techniques have been attracting more interests in both research and industrial fields. Relational database is widely used in many information systems, as a tool for storing and managing a data. Major issue to protect the copyright of relational data. In order to make watermarking information more intuitive and(More)
This work elucidates luminescence, chemiluminescence, importance of chemiluminescence assay and automation by applying the electronic devices. The operation factors and classifications are given. We studied the chemiluminometer components and abilities to control and operate by the electronic devices; the productions of different producers for(More)
The security of network and the network data is primary aspect of the network providers and service providers. Therefore during the data exchange the cryptographic techniques are utilized for securing the data during various communications. On the other hand the traditional cryptographic techniques are well known and the attackers are known about the(More)
This paper represents the mathematical background to estimate the secret information leakage risks during timing analysis the most general modern modular exponentiation methods. The comparison of the leakage risk of those methods has been done. Possible countermeasures to decrease the secret information leakage risk level have also been proposed.
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