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In this paper the new method of tolerance estimation of parameters set of interval model "input-output" of the static system is created, which allows to base configuration of parameters set, provides greater coverage of domain of parameters of interval model and at the same time differs low calculable complication.
New criterion and method for design of experiments for two types of tasks of creation of decision support interval model are described. The first type is the tasks of control of permissible values of characteristics of technical, economic, ecological and other static systems. Second type of tasks - it is the tasks of choice of optimum decisions by the(More)
A purpose of given paper is approbation one of the newest algorithms of interval models identification of discrete dynamic systems by the way of corresponding software development and its using for construction of interval model, that describes a real dynamic of production and realization of bakery produce.
In this paper the described method of estimation the domain of ISLAE on the basis of selection “saturated block” and set the high computational complexity of its implementation. Proposed method reduction of interval equations for ISLAE using the properties of the relationship between size of domain of ISLAE solutions and prognostic properties(More)
In this paper we propose a new method for finding approximate solutions of ISLAE, by bringing it to “saturated block” using a procedure of reduction. The method is based on the analysis of the properties of solutions ISLAE and on the analysis of the properties of interval models constructed on the basis of these solutions.
The task of modeling the processes of anaerobic microbiological fermentation with keeping the balance at the acetogenesis stage was considered in this work. It was proposed and justified to build models at these stages in the form of interval discrete dynamic model. The structure identification method of IDDM on the principles of honey bee colony(More)