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Optical properties of high-frequency Au gratings with a fixed period (296.6 ± 0.5 nm) and a variable modulation depth are studied using measurements of spectral and angular dependence of transmission and reflection of polarized light in order to build the dispersion curves of excited optical modes and to identify their types. It was shown that in gratings(More)
This study reports on the employment of the interference lithography (IL) technique, using photoresist based on the chalcogenide glass (ChG) films, for fabrication of one-dimensional (gratings) and two-dimensional (arrays) periodic plasmonic structures on the surface of glass plates. The IL technique was optimized for patterning of the Au and Al layers and(More)
Schottky barrier structures based on nanoporous InP with inclusion of Au nanoparticles and evaporated semitransparent Au film have been made. The spectra of short-circuit photocurrent in the visible range and current-voltage characteristics have been measured. Prepared structures are characterized by increased photocurrent due to the microrelief interface(More)
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