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In 2006 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine approved the project for development of grid technologies in Ukraine. Since then an extensive work is carried out in order to build a full-scale grid infrastructure for scientific and educational institutions. This article deals with the aspects of building such infrastructure, its organization and(More)
This article describes the work of the GSI Grid Group with the aim to enlarge and operate an ALICE tier2 centre within the global environment of the LHC Computing Grid and to prototype a possible FAIR grid environment. The current storage philosophy is manyfolded. The complete disk space of 120 TB bought for ALICE in 2007 is mainly distributed over 3 xrootd(More)
Frankfurt Cloud[1] is a research project for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology at Goethe University Frankfurt. In late 2010 a prototype infrastructure became available and the GSIs Scientific Computing department has been invited to use this facility in order to run applications from the HEP community. This opportunity allows to gain more(More)
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