Mykhailo M. Marchenko

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The antitumor activity of 5-(5′,6′-benzocoumaro-3′-yl)methylaminouracil (BCMU) and its liposomal medicinal form was studied in comparison to 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), a well-known antitumor drug widely used in oncological practice. The half-lethal dose of BCMU is 14.8 ± 4.2 mg/kg, while the optimum effective dose of the drug is 6 mg/kg. In this dose, BCMU(More)
Aiming to reduce the potential in vivo hepato-and neph‐ rotoxicity of Ag/Au bimetallic nanoparticles (NPs) stabi‐ lized by sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), an approach involving a simultaneous reduction of silver nitrate and tetrachlorauratic acid using tryptophan (Trp) as a reduc‐ ing/stabilizing agent was applied during NP synthesis. The obtained Ag/Au/Trp(More)
The literature indicates that retinoids can influence the metabolism and actions of xenobiotics and conversely that xenobiotics can influence the metabolism and actions of retinoids. We were interested in understanding the degree to which hepatic retinoid stores, accumulated over a lifetime, affect xenobiotic metabolism, and actions. To investigate this, we(More)
Influence of low-dosage pre-irradiation on xanthine oxidase levels in Guerin's carcinoma was studied with particular emphasis on free oxygen generation and free sulphohydrils in a fraction of proteins characterized by xanthine oxidase activity. Enhanced growth of tumor correlated with that of xanthine oxidase activity involving higher levels of enzymatic(More)
The work is dedicated to the investigation of xanthine oxidase activity in liver homogenate of rats with tumour at different stages of Guerin carcinoma oncogenesis on the preliminary low-dose irradiation background. Special attention is paid to studying enzyme oxidase form activity, the level of its reactive oxygen species generation and content of thiol(More)
The fraction composition of extracellular free DNA (cfDNA) and activity of serum DNAses in blood of rats with the tumor transplantated against a background of the low-dose X-irradiation were investigated. Heterogeneous fragments of cfDNA and high level of DNAse activity were revealed in the serum of irradiated rats. The definite sizes of high-molecular(More)
This study is devoted to the analysis of DNase activity and DNA fragmentation level in liver cells nuclei of rats with transplanted Guerin's carcinoma on irradiation background. Was shown, that in an organism of previously irradiated rat with tumor the dominance of neoplasm development over the consequences of the irradiation is observed on the initial(More)
The dynamics of the acid and neutral proteinases general enzymes activity change in the hepatocytes postnuclear fraction in the rats suffering from the Heren's carcinoma was investigated. It was determined that in the tumor development of the enzyme activity level of both the acid and neutral proteinases increased 2,6-fold. The natural preparation of the(More)
The glutathione system is the protecting system of all alive organisms. The paper is devoted to the study of the state of some components of the glutathione system in plant objects taking into account that forms differing in genome complexity vary in their reaction on the effect of the environmental factors. A series of experiments was fulfilled to study(More)
Generation of superoxide anion-radical (O2*-) in reductase and oxygenase electron-transport chains in the liver monooxygenase system was investigated in tumor-bearing rats exposed to preliminary irradiation. Preliminary irradiation of rats (before transplantation of Guerin's carcinoma) resulted in the increased generation of superoxide anion-radical by(More)