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BACKGROUND To validate a new practical Sepsis Severity Score for patients with complicated intra-abdominal infections (cIAIs) including the clinical conditions at the admission (severe sepsis/septic shock), the origin of the cIAIs, the delay in source control, the setting of acquisition and any risk factors such as age and immunosuppression. METHODS The(More)
BACKGROUND Duodenal injuries are rare in children and classically present following a fall over the handle bar. Retroperitoneal location of the duodenum may lead to delay in diagnosis, and missed injuries are associated with increased morbidity and mortality. CASE REPORT A 5-year-old child was admitted to the National Trauma Center, in Tirana (Albania),(More)
BACKGROUND The conservative treatment of liver trauma has made important progress over the last 10 years at the Trauma University Hospital in Tirana, Albania. The percentage of success was 58.7%. The aims of this study were to analyze the conservative treatment of liver trauma and to compare the results with those in the literature. METHODS This study was(More)
In dieser Arbeit wird auf die Problematik der Diagnostik und Therapie der Ösophagusperforation im Rahmen eines stumpfen Thoraxtraumas hingewiesen. Wir präsentieren die Kasuistik eines 18-Jährigen, der sich im Rahmen eines Verkehrsunfalls eine Ösophagusverletzung mit initial unauffälliger Klinik zuzog. Innerhalb der ersten 24 h kam es zu einer deutlichen(More)
BACKGROUND Classically, seat belt syndrome appears with seat belt marks on the body, bowel perforations, and lumbar spine fractures. However the symptoms are not limited to those previously mentioned, and organ damage can vary greatly. CASE REPORT A 34-year-old female passenger, was admitted to our hospital after a motor vehicle crash. The physical(More)
INTRODUCTION The management of colon injuries has distinctly evolved over the last three decades. However, trauma surgeons often find themselves in a dilemma, whether to perform a diversion or to perform a primary repair. The purpose of this study is to evaluate risk factors in colon injury management and their influence on abdominal complications. (More)
AIM The aim of this study is to evaluate if the Intraoperative Continuous Intestinal Loop Warming (ICLW) is a valid trick to decrease the postoperative paralytic ileus. METHODS The subjects were patients who underwent emergency open abdominal surgery for either benign or malignant diseases. Patients were divided into two groups; group A patients who was(More)
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