Myfanwy Lloyd Jones

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AIMS This paper reports a study whose aim was to identify and synthesize qualitative research studies reporting barriers or facilitators to role development and/or effective practice in specialist and advanced nursing roles in acute hospital settings. BACKGROUND The number of clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, advanced nurse practitioner and(More)
AIM This paper explores practical methodological issues which arise from the application of systematic review and meta-synthesis techniques to qualitative research studies in the context of a pragmatic health services research question. BACKGROUND The emphasis on, and volume of, qualitative research is increasing. As a result, there is a need to integrate(More)
PURPOSE The authors aimed to evaluate whether vitamin K(1) or alendronate (the recommended treatment in England and Wales for postmenopausal women with a previous fracture) appeared to be the more cost-effective treatment for fracture prevention. Furthermore, expected value of sample information (EVSI) analyses were undertaken to estimate whether a(More)
The research outlined in this article was commissioned by the Sheffield and North Trent College of Nursing and Midwifery to explore the cost implications of pre-registration clinical placements in the context of Project 2000. The authors outline the methodology and findings of an exercise designed to collect relevant cost information which was not readily(More)
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