Myeonggil Choi

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Data mining (DM) has emerged as one of the key features of many applications on information system. While Data Analysis (DA) represents a significant advance in the type of analytical tools currently available, there are limitations to its capability. In order to address one of the limitations on the DA capabilities of identifying a causal relationship, we(More)
In many scientific and engineering fields, there are a number of data sets uncontrollable and hard to handle because the nature of measurement of a performance variable may often be destructive or very expensive, which are known as sets of noise factors. Although these noise factors, which may not be controlled by manufacturing and cost reasons, are merged(More)
An increase in internet threats forces organizations to integrate information security system into their fundamental systems. Developers who work in this area should focus on both functionality and quality aspects because a malfunctioned system can endanger organizationpsilas most critical information. Although several approaches to solve a resource(More)
Security services for workflow systems are becoming increasingly important for the interoperability of cross- enterprises in insecure environments. As a security service, the authorization mechanism for confidentiality and integrity has gained growing attention in both the research world and the industry. However, the traditional workflow authorization(More)
Cloud computing has made it possible for private companies to make rapid changes in their computing environments. However, in the public sector, security issues hinder institutions from adopting cloud computing. To solve these security challenges, in this paper, we propose a methodology for information security management, which quantitatively classifies(More)
Business Process Management (BPM) System has recently been paid much attention because they can support dynamic business processes over heterogeneous computing systems. However, most BPM systems merely support fundamental security services at during run time, such as authentication of users and network security. Apparently, to satisfy the real-time systems(More)
The multi hop mesh networkan extension of wireless mesh network by ad hoc networkis one promising wireless network architecture in the near future. Securing access network is the first protection against attacker access to network services. Authentication is an essential for securing the access to the network. TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Socket(More)