Myeong-Wuk Jang

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The effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is being increased to reduce the cost and risk of a mission [Doherty et al. 2000]. Since the advent of small sized but high performance UAVs, the use of a group of UAVs for performing a joint mission is of major interest. However, the development of a UAV is expensive, and a small error in automatic(More)
 In the dynamic distributed task assignment (DDTA) problem, a team of agents is required to accomplish a set of tasks while maximizing the overall team utility. An effective solution to this problem needs to address two closely related questions: first, how to find a near-optimal assignment from agents to tasks under resource constraints, and second, how(More)
—Content-centric networking (CCN) is a new networking paradigm to resolve the data traffic explosion problem of the Internet caused by rapid increase in file sharing and video streaming traffic. Networks with CCN avoid delivery of the same contents on one link as many times as they are requested, as contents can be stored and transferred by the cache of CCN(More)