Myeong Jin Jang

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Rats are commonly used in medical research as they enable a high grade of standardization. The exhalome of ventilated rats has not as yet been investigated using an ion mobility spectrometer coupled with a multi-capillary column (MCC-IMS). As a first step, a rat model has to be established to measure potential biomarkers in the exhale with long-term(More)
Human rhinoviruses (HRVs) are responsible for more than half of all cases of the common cold and cost billions of USD annually in medical visits and missed school and work. An assessment was made of the antiviral activities and mechanisms of action of paeonol (PA) and 1,2,3,4,6-penta-O-galloyl-β-D-glucopyranose (PGG) from Paeonia lactiflora root toward(More)
Output feedback sliding mode control has received great research interests, due to it does not require full accessibility of states and increases the ability of practical implementation of sliding mode control. In this paper, a new approach of chattering-free OFSMC design is proposed by incorporating integral sign function control for general multi-input(More)
An evaluation technique and traceability for a DC-resistive high-voltage divider was established based on 1 kV, which was traceable to a Josephson voltage standard at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science. To do this, the binary step-up method was used to evaluate the voltage-dividing ratio and the voltage coefficient of the divider up to(More)
The purpose of camera calibration is to reconstruct the world coordinate system using two-dimensional images. A good calibration result depends on identifying the camera parameters successfully. The use of single two-dimensional calibration boards or three-dimensional calibration boxes for camera calibration results in a camera model which is suitable for(More)
Network-wide synchronous firing ('network burst') is interesting as they are thought to be the unit of information processing in neural networks. The investigation of network bursts has been mainly carried out by microelectrode array technology. Recently, calcium imaging technique has been used to interrogate neural circuits in large-scale. Here we(More)
We propose a dynamic pixel test pattern for CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) to measure the performance of the pixel unit including TX (Transfer Transistor), DX (Amplifier Transistor), RX (Reset Transistor), SX (Select Transistor), FD (floating Diffusion) and PD (Photo Diode). The proposed TP (Test Pattern) was implemented and verified using a 90 nm CIS process. The(More)
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