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A SOA-Based Framework for Building Monitoring and Control Software Systems
This paper proposes a SOA-based framework for building complex monitoring and control software systems used in modern process and factory automation today where production processes will span overExpand
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A Multiagent System for Hierarchical Control and Monitoring
This paper presents the architecture of a multiagent system based on new OPC Unified Architecture (UA) technology for hierarchical control and monitoring of a complex process control system. ThisExpand
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Design and Implementation of Web Service by Using OPC XML-DA and OPC Complex Data for Automation and Control Systems
Nowadays, Web technologies are gaining increased importance in automation and control systems. However, the choice of Web technologies depends on the use cases in the application environment.Expand
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Transfer function-noise modelling of irregularly observed groundwater heads using precipitation data
Abstract Time series data on precipitation rates and groundwater heads are used for transfer function-noise (TFN) models which are employed to analyse and predict fluctuations in groundwater levelsExpand
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Design Issues and Approach to Internet-Based Monitoring and Control Systems
Manufacturers require an efficient reaction to critical events occurring at the process plants. Device data need to be integrated into business processes in a standardized and flexible way. CurrentExpand
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Security in automation and control systems based on OPC techniques
The modern industrial communication networks are increasingly based on open protocols and various platforms, which are used in the IT (Information Technology) office and the Internet In general, forExpand
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A Universal Data Access Server for Distributed Data Acquisition and Monitoring Systems
This paper introduces a universal data access (DA) server for modern distributed data acquisition and monitoring systems used in process and factory automation. This system is proposed withExpand
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Modern Distributed Data Acquisition and Control Systems Based on OPC Techniques
Web technologies are gaining increased importance in automation control systems, especially in slow control systems. Alternatively, the requirements to exchange the complex data between theExpand
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Development of an OPC Client-Server Framework for Monitoring and Control Systems
In this article, the current technological state of OPC (Openness, Productivity, and Collaboration; formerly "OLE for Process Control") standards and the problem statement of these OPC standards areExpand
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A Multiagent-System Framework for Hierarchical Control and Monitoring of Complex Process Control Systems
This paper proposes a framework for the implementation of multiagent system for hierarchical control of complex process control systems based on OPC technology that is widely applied to theExpand
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