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Providing context-aware personalized service in smart home environment is very important to improve the quality of the disabled life. To reaching the goal, it needs to challenge due to diversity of needs: type of disability, degree of disability, preferences, tasks, and context. We propose a framework to recommend context-aware personalized services for the(More)
When there are a large number of web services in use, it is non-trivial to quickly find web services satisfying the given request. Furthermore, when no single web service satisfies the given request fully, one needs to “compose” multiple web services to fulfill the goal. It is important to have a wise decision on underlying web-service(More)
Dynamic adaptation is to create proper information from the context of the end user exposed to a ubiquitous computing environment. Thereby, we propose a Context Ontology-based personalized recommendation in the ubiquitous computing Environment (CORALE) framework to process dynamic adaptation considering social context as a kind of tacit knowledge. The(More)
Architecture framework (AF) is a guideline to define components needed to develop and operate enterprise architecture (EA), and to identify relationships among the components. There are many AFs to operate EA for of governments or businesses such as Zachman framework, DoDAF, TOGAF, FEAF, and TEAF. DoDAF is the most representative AF to support the(More)