Mychel Macapagal Vail

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This article reviews the diagnostic process, from the first clinically evident stages of the caries process to development of pulpal pathosis. The caries diagnostic process includes 4 interconnected components-staging caries lesion severity, assessing caries lesion activity, and risk assessments at the patient and tooth surface level - which modify(More)
Here we report the synthesis, materials characterization, antimicrobial capacity, and cytocompatibility of novel antibiotic-containing scaffolds. Metronidazole (MET) or Ciprofloxacin/(CIP) was mixed with a polydioxanone (PDS)polymer solution at 5 and 25 wt% and processed into fibers. PDS fibers served as a control. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM),(More)
AIM To investigate the effect of medicaments used in endodontic regeneration on root fracture resistance and microhardness of radicular dentine. METHODOLOGY The root canals of mandibular premolars (n = 180) were instrumented and randomized into three treatment groups and an untreated control group. Each treatment group received either triple antibiotic(More)
This investigation compared microleakage of teeth obturated with gutta-percha and teeth obturated with Resilon by using a fluid filtration model. Forty-six human, single-rooted, mandibular premolars were studied. Teeth were randomly assigned to 2 experimental groups of 21 teeth each, designated as group G (gutta-percha) and group R (Resilon). Two control(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the contents of root canals obturated with gutta percha and AH-26 sealer (Dentsply, Tulsa, OK) to canals obturated with the Resilon and Epiphany (Pentron, Wallingford, CT) system. Canal contents were assessed by determining the percentage of canal space occupied by core material, sealer, voids, and debris. Forty(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to survey Diplomates of the American Board of Endodontists to determine their preferences in temporary restorations used during and following endodontic therapy and if cotton pellets are used as spacers. The survey asked which primary temporary material was used in anterior and posterior teeth to close access openings.(More)
This in vitro study compared the effectiveness between ProFile 29 Series rotary system followed by continuous wave obturation and the Endo-Eze system. Thirty-six human mandibular canine and premolar teeth were randomly separated into 2 groups of 18. Each tooth was embedded in resin and sectioned at 2, 6, and 12 mm from the apex and viewed under the scanning(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the capability of a novel reference point indentation apparatus to test the indentation properties of root canal surface dentine treated with three intracanal medicaments used in endodontic regeneration. Immature human premolars were selected (n = 22). Four specimens were obtained from each root and randomly assigned(More)
OBJECTIVES To present a case of endodontic failure obturated with a methacrylate-based root filling material, Resilon/RealSeal (RS). To determine if RS is susceptible to biodegradation by endodontically relevant microbes by a method known to show RS degradation. METHOD AND MATERIALS Emulsions of RS were dispersed in agar with minimal bacterial nutrients(More)
A 35-yr-old, healthy male presented to the graduate endodontic clinic at Indiana University School of Dentistry for treatment of tooth #26. Two and one-half yr after treatment, the patient returned to the dental school for comprehensive treatment. The canal access opening had been restored with an intact interim restorative material restoration. The tooth(More)
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