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AIM To systematically review the association between breastfeeding and childhood allergic disease. METHODS Predetermined inclusion/exclusion criteria identified 89 articles from PubMed, CINAHL and EMBASE databases. Meta-analyses performed for categories of breastfeeding and allergic outcomes. Meta-regression explored heterogeneity. RESULTS More vs. less(More)
AIM To synthesise the evidence on the association between duration and exclusivity of breastfeeding and the risk of acute otitis media (AOM). METHODS Systematic review and meta-analysis following searching of PubMed, CINAHL and EMBASE electronic databases. RESULTS Twenty-four studies, all from the USA or Europe, met the inclusion criteria. In the pooled(More)
AIM To synthesise the current evidence for the associations between breastfeeding and dental caries, with respect to specific windows of early childhood caries risk. METHODS Systematic review, meta-analyses and narrative synthesis following searches of PubMed, CINAHL and EMBASE databases. RESULTS Sixty-three papers included. Children exposed to longer(More)
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