Mwenya Trevor

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Flower-like AgCl microstructures with enhanced visible light-driven photocatalysis are synthesized by a facile one-pot hydrothermal process for the first time. The evolution process of AgCl from dendritic structures to flower-like octagonal microstructures is investigated quantitatively. Furthermore, the flower-like AgCl microstructures exhibit enhanced(More)
Large-area Ag nanowires are ordered by spontaneous spreading of volatile droplet on a wettable solid surface. Compared with other nanowires orientation methods, radial shaped oriented Ag nanowires in a large ring region are obtained in an extremely short time. Furthermore, the radial shaped oriented Ag nanowires are transferred and aligned into one(More)
Unique photon management (PM) properties of silicon nanowire (SiNW) make it an attractive building block for a host of nanowire photonic devices including photodetectors, chemical and gas sensors, waveguides, optical switches, solar cells, and lasers. However, the lack of efficient equations for the quantitative estimation of the SiNW's PM properties limits(More)
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