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Aeromonas species are ubiquitous bacteria in terrestrial and aquatic milieus. They are becoming renowned as enteric pathogens of serious public health concern as they acquire a number of virulence determinants that are linked with human diseases, such as gastroenteritis, soft-tissue, muscle infections, septicemia, and skin diseases. Proper sanitary(More)
Pseudomonas species are opportunistic pathogens with implications in a wide range of diseases including cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia. Because of their status as multidrug resistant (MDR) and extremely drug resistant (XDR) bacteria Pseudomonas species represent a threat to public health. Prevalence, antibiogram and associated antibiotic resistant(More)
We assessed the antibiogram characteristics of some Vibrio species isolated from wastewater final effluents in a typical peri-urban community of South Africa. Marked resistances were noted against erythromycin (100%), chloramphenicol (100%), nitrofurantoin, cefuroxime and cephalothin (90-95%) in V. parahaemolyticus, V. fluvialis and V. vulnificus,(More)
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