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Factors Influencing Online Shopping in Mauritius: An Application of Principal Component Analysis and Binary Logistic Regression
In our modern world, the intensive use of internet has imposed new lifestyles and encouraged new behaviour amongst many across the globe. With the development in Internet technologies, the emergenceExpand
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Selected essential oils inhibit key physiological enzymes and possess intracellular and extracellular antimelanogenic properties in vitro.
Essential oils (EOs) extracted from six medicinal herbs and food plants [Cinnamomum zeylanicum (CZ), Psiadia arguta (PA), Psiadia terebinthina (PT), Citrus grandis (CGp), Citrus hystrix (CH), andExpand
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Antiglycation, comparative antioxidant potential, phenolic content and yield variation of essential oils from 19 exotic and endemic medicinal plants
The antioxidant potential, antiglycation, and total phenolic content of essential oils (EOs) extracted from 19 medicinal plants were assessed. The variation in yield of the EOs with respect toExpand
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Multi-targeted potential of Pittosporum senacia Putt.: HPLC-ESI-MSn analysis, in silico docking, DNA protection, antimicrobial, enzyme inhibition, anti-cancer and apoptotic activity
Pittosporum senacia (PS) Putt. (Pittosporaceae), indigenous to the Mascarene Islands, is a common ingredient in traditional medicines. However, there is currently a dearth of studies to validate someExpand
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A novel method for evaluating the effect of pollution on the human skin under controlled conditions
Generally considered as a major risk factor for various respiratory diseases, air pollution can also have a significant impact on the skin. To date, there is a plethora of cosmetics products withExpand
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Essential oils from tropical medicinal herbs and food plants inhibit biofilm formation in vitro and are non-cytotoxic to human cells
The biofilm inhibition and eradication potential of essential oils (EOs) extracted from six tropical medicinal herbs and food plants [Psiadia arguta (PA), Psiadia terebinthina (PT), Citrus grandisExpand
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Syzgium coriaceum Bosser & J. Guého—An endemic plant potentiates conventional antibiotics, inhibits clinical enzymes and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells
Abstract Syzygium species are renowned for being important reservoirs of phytochemicals with pharmaceutical and biomedical potential. However, no attempt has been made to delineate theExpand
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