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The function of sewer as reactors must rely on the biofilm in it. In this paper, the formation, structure, oxygen transfer, and activity of the biofilm under different hydraulic conditions were studied by the microelectrode technology, oxygen uptake rate (OUR) technology, and 454 high-throughput pyrosequencing technology. Results showed that when the(More)
In the study of job shop scheduling problem in mass injection molding processing enterprises, the practical job shop scheduling environment cannot be mirrored in the traditional study only considering machine resources. A dual-resource (machines and moulds) constrained job shop scheduling problem model was established in this paper, according to the actual(More)
In CITIS (Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service) collaborative manufacturing project, how the prime contractor reasonably chooses cooperativeenterprises and assigns tasks among them will directly effects on gaining benefit from the project. To solve this problem, in this paper, a new heuristic optimization algorithm is proposed for tasks(More)
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