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Research claims that users value the battery life of their smartphones, but no study to date has attempted to quantify battery value and how this value changes according to users' current context and needs. Previous work has quantified the monetary value that smartphone users place on their data (e.g., location), but not on battery life. Here we present a(More)
In the modern era, the vehicles are focused to be automated to give human driver relaxed driving. In the field of automobile various aspects have been considered which makes a vehicle automated. Google, the biggest network has started working on the self-driving cars since 2010 and still developing new changes to give a whole new level to the automated(More)
Cycling in smart cities can be safer if enhanced with a smart traffic lights infrastructure. A distributed smartphone-based sensing approach is a cost-effective infrastructure to enable cyclist-aware traffic lights system. In this article, we treat cyclist movement on a trajectory with a Boundary model able to reduce GPS sensor power consumption, while(More)
Background: Several studies report that test driven development (TDD) has effects on the software product e.g. code quality and developers’ productivity. In recent literature reviews, the impact of TDD on source code quality is seen as a more focused area in empirical research compared to unit testing. However, the quality of production code is tightly(More)
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