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Supporting multimedia streams (e.g. voice/video over IP), in a wireless LAN requires guaranteed access to channel capacity, which is best provided using capacity reservations. Existing medium access control (MAC) protocols for wireless LANs either do not provide guaranteed access or do so in a synchronous (e.g. polling, TDMA) context. We present a novel(More)
The developing countries will be know the technology and innovation to everywhere throughout the country including small rural areas. In which information communication technology (ICT) is being used to transform education. In this research in detail the various level of education base e-learning in cloud computing are servile. The challenge faced by cloud(More)
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of captioned vs. non-captioned instructional videos on the motivation and achievement. To this end, a pre-test and post-test experimental design was used on 109 sophomores from a Turkish state university. Videos with and without captions of the unit in question were prepared by the lecturer of(More)
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