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The consumption of fruits plays an important role as a health protecting factor. Grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) are believed to have health benefits due to their antioxidant activity. Öküzgözü is the largest among the grape varieties grown in Turkey. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl₄) causes free radical generation in many tissues such as the liver, kidney, heart,(More)
223 Abstract: Exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation for prolonged periods is known to be a potential factor inducing visceral damage. There are several studies in the literature demonstrating the harmful effects of such radiation on the kidney of laboratory animals. Our aim was to determine the effect of low intensity microwave radiation on rat(More)
Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the possible effect of sex steroid deficiency on the rat tongue mucosa as well as the effect of its replacement. Methods: We chose 21 sexually virgin female Wistar albino rats in this study. We divided the model rats into 3 groups: Group-1:Control, Group-2: Sham-operated (bilaterally ovariectomized), and(More)
The aim of our study was to determine the distribution of estrogen receptor α (ERα) and progesterone receptor B (PR-B) in the bovine oviduct during the follicular and luteal phases. Bovine oviducts from 23 animals were obtained from a local slaughterhouse. Blood samples from these animals also were taken before death to measure estrogen and progesterone(More)
INTRODUCTION Growth factors are proteins that bind to specific cell surface receptors that initiate signalling pathways and result in proliferation or differentiation of the affected cells. During gestation, epidermal growth factor receptors (ErbB1-4) and its ligands (epidermal growth factor-EGF, amphiregulin-AREG, neuregulin1-NRG1) play a significant role(More)
In this study, dexamethasone-induced gastric lesions were studied in rats that had undergone sialoadenectomy. The ultrastructural changes developed during the study were detected by electron microscopically, while blood serum and stomach epidermal growth factor (EGF) concentrations were measured by RIA. The result of the study showed that gastric lesions(More)
The localization and distribution of estrogen receptors (ERα) and progesterone receptors (PR-B) in the cervix and vagina of sexually mature bovines during the follicular and luteal phases of the sexual cycle were studied using immunohistochemistry. The estrous cycle stage of 23 Holstein bovines was assessed by gross and histological appearance of ovaries(More)
375 Abstract: In rats penis development a seen two stages in prenatal life, the second stage is androgen hormone dependent chondrocyte and osteocyte differentiation period. To investigate Tamoxifane (Tx) administration on the developmental anomalies of penis. The newborn male rats were injected with 100 μg Tamoxifen subcutaneously from the day of birth to(More)
Our study was designed to investigate immunohistochemically the expression of the receptors of the erbB/HER family (erbB1/HER1, erbB2/HER2, erbB3/HER3, erbB4/HER4) in the bovine uterus during the follicular and luteal phases of the sexual cycle, and the relation to ovarian sex steroids. The stage of the estrous cycle in 30 Holstein bovine was assessed based(More)
9 çoban köpeği seçildi ve 3 gruba ayrıldı. 1. grup kontrol grubu olarak ayrıldı. 2. gruptaki hayvanların maksilla ve mandibulanın sağ posterior bölgesi su ve hava soğutmalı mikromotorla pulpa odalarına çok yakın düzeye kadar kronların mine, dentini kaldırıldı. Böylelikle sağ bukkal bölge çiğneme fonksiyonu dışında bırakıldı. 3. Gruptaki hayvanların(More)