Muxin Zhang

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Glechoma hederacea L. (Labiatae) has been used in folk medicine to treat various ailments for centuries. We investigated the effects of G. hederacea extract on melanogenesis in B16 melanoma cells. It significantly reduced both the cellular melanin content and tyrosinase activity in a concentration-dependent manner. An MTT assay did not reveal any obvious(More)
Cadmium is a toxic pollutant with occupational and environmental significance, due to its diverse toxic effects. Supramolecules that conjugate and decontaminate toxic metals have potential for use in treatment of cadmium intoxication. In addition, metal-coordinating ability has been postulated to contribute to the cytotoxic effects of anti-tumor agents such(More)
Smectic liquid crystals vividly illustrate the subtle interplay of broken translational and orientational symmetries, by exhibiting defect structures forming geometrically perfect confocal ellipses and hyperbolas. Here, we develop and numerically implement an effective theory to study the dynamics of focal conic domains in smectic-A liquid crystals. We use(More)
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