Muxin Sun

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Displaying large-scale 3D vector data in landscape map is very important, as 3D vector data can provide many important information, such as: precise geographic boundaries, areas, 3D text marks, different attributes identity, precise path and many important invisible information in real world (e.g.: underground things) and etc. In this paper, we present a(More)
Single feature is inefficient to describe content of an image, which is a shortcoming in traditional image retrieval task. We know that one image can be described by different features. Multi-feature fusion ranking can be utilized to improve the ranking list of query. In this paper, we first analyze graph structure and multi-feature fusion re-ranking from(More)
—Incompatibility of image descriptor and ranking is always neglected in image retrieval. In this paper, manifold learning and Gestalt psychology theory are involved to solve the incompatibility problem. A new holistic descriptor called Perceptual Uniform Descriptor (PUD) based on Gestalt psychology is proposed, which combines color and gradient direction to(More)
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