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Germin, a molecular marker of wheat embryo germination, is a protease-resistant, apoplastic, homopentameric glycoprotein with peroxide-generating oxalate oxidase activity. The spatial specificity of germin-like oxalate oxidase (gl-OXO) gene expression has been determined in tissues of germinating wheat embryos by a combination of histochemical,(More)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain 1001 produces an esterase (EstA) that can hydrolyse the racemic methyl ester of β-acetylthioisobutyrate to produce the (D)-enantiomer, which serves as a precursor of captopril, a drug used for treatment of hypertension. We show here that PA2949 from P. aeruginosa PA01, a homologue of EstA, can efficiently be expressed in an(More)
  • M Caliskan
  • 2009
The response of plants to biotic and abiotic stress factors involves biochemical, physiological, morphological, and developmental changes. Salt stress has been the subject of extensive studies due to the low salt tolerance of many crop plants. Germin and germin-like gene products are known to be involved in various aspects of plant development, such as(More)
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