Mutsuko Sudo

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Histologic sections from nine temporal bones with eustachian tubes (ETs) attached were analyzed with a computer-aided three-dimensional reconstruction method to determine the curvature and tilt of the ET and the anatomic relationships between the medial lamina of the ET cartilage, the levator veli palatini muscle (LVPM), and Rosenmüller's fossa. It was(More)
Postnatal developmental relationships in human ears were studied by a computer-aided three-dimensional reconstruction and measurement method. We measured the angle, in reference to the horizontal plane, between the tympanic annulus, the oval window, and the internal auditory canal (IAC) in 20 normal temporal bones obtained from individuals between 1 day old(More)
We attempt to evaluate the residual visual capacities of nine patients (seven males and two females; age range 4 to 35 years, mean 13.8 +/- 9.98) with cerebral visual impairment coupled with severe motor and intellectual disabilities by their contrast sensitivities to sine-wave gratings. Two methods were used for detecting the occurrence of ocular responses(More)
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