Mutsuhito Yamazaki

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The concentrations of silver (Ag) in a typical freshwater fish in Japan, Carasius auratus langsdorfii, and some other species have been determined to examine the Ag-contamination of fish and to specify the Ag accumulating species and part. They were dissected roughly into four parts, and analyzed by an instrumental neutron activation analysis. It was found(More)
The instrumental neutron activation analysis was applied to the multielemental analysis of the freshwater diatoms taken from the head and lower areas of Tama river. Dry samples of the diatoms were irradiated for 1 minute (for the measurement of short lived nuclides) by pneumatic tube of TRIGA-II reactor of Musashi Institute of Technology, and 12 hours (for(More)
A landfill leachate, which contains large amounts of microbially refractory humic substances, was irradiated with 60Co gamma-rays under several conditions and the modification of its biodegradability was examined. The effects of initial pH and dose rate on the modification were found to be insignificant. The apparent effect was observed for the initial(More)
A river water sample was irradiated with 60Co gamma-rays under aerobic conditions, and the changes of the organic substances in the sample were examined by the analyses of the dissolved organic carbon (DOC), organic composition, UV spectrum and molecular-weight distribution. By the irradiation, the DOC decreased with irradiation dose following the(More)
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