Muthuswamy Vijayalakshmi

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Rapid growth in the Internet usage and diverse military applications have led researchers to think of intelligent systems that can assist the users and applications in getting the services by delivering required quality of service in networks. Some kinds of intelligent techniques are appropriate for providing security in communication pertaining to(More)
Distributed Denial of Service attacks pose an ever great challenge to the Internet with an increasing resources and techniques available to the attackers. From SYN flooding to spoofing it has finally arrived at application layer attacks with legitimate IP addresses. Our traceback system detects the network layer attacks carried out with spoofed IP(More)
Big Data concerns massive, heterogeneous, autonomous sources with distributed and decentralized control. These characteristics make it an extreme challenge for organizations using traditional data management mechanism to store and process these huge datasets. It is required to define a new paradigm and re-evaluate current system to manage and process Big(More)
The various data mining techniques like classification, clustering and relationship mining can be applied on educational data to predict the performance of a student in the examination and bring out betterment in his academic performance. Rule based classification techniques can be used to predict the result of the students in the final semester based on(More)
Data Mining is used to extract useful information from a collection of databases or data warehouses. In recent years, Data Mining has become an important field. This paper has surveyed upon data mining and its various techniques that are used to extract useful information such as clustering, and has also surveyed the techniques that are used to detect the(More)
The process of automation is becoming popular because of its numerous applications. Home automation is something that deals with the control of domestic appliances with the help of local networking or by remote control. The main aim of this paper is to develop an advanced method of home automation with the application of Raspberry Pi (RPi) through reading(More)
Forest fire is a major environmental issue creating ecological damage. Fire detection is a key element for controlling such incident. As per the forest survey of India 19.27% or 63.3 million hectare of the Indian land has been classified as forest area, of which 38 million ha alone are hoarded with resources in great quantity (top density above 40%).There(More)
Location based services is considered as a killer application in the wireless data market that provide information based on locations specified in the queries. We consider wireless data broadcasting as a way of disseminating information to a massive number of users. To address the issues of responsiveness, energy consumption and bandwidth contention in(More)