Muthuraman Thangaraj

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The current web IR system retrieves relevant information only based on the keywords which is inadequate for that vast amount of data. It provides limited capabilities to capture the concepts of the user needs and the relation between the keywords. These limitations lead to the idea of the user conceptual search which includes concepts and meanings. This(More)
Many data base applications require the storage and manipulation of different versions of data objects. To satisfy the diverse needs of these applications, current database systems support versioning [Hulten94] at a very low level. The proposed model demonstrates that an application independent versioning can be supported significantly at higher level. The(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) is to connect objects of different application fields, functionality and technology. These objects are entirely addressable and use standard communication protocol. Intelligent agents are used to integrate Internet of Things with heterogeneous low-power embedded resource-constrained networked devices. This paper discusses with the(More)
Nowadays, development of existing technologies, there is a rapid growth in genomics and proteomics that have produced a large biological data. The sophisticated computational analyses needed to draw the conclusions from these data. Analyzing these biological data requires making sense of the data by inferring structure or generalizations from the data. Data(More)
Digital libraries offer diverse information resources in digital format. These resources may include any digital collection of books, journals, papers, proceedings and so on. The major challenge for the library is to provide access to all these resources in an integrated and user-friendly way. It is essential to provide an effective method for the users to(More)
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