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  • Maref, W. Lacasse, +5 authors Michael C. Swinton
  • 2002
Recent research in the field of assessment of hygrothermal response has focused on either laboratory experimentation or modelling, but less work has been reported in which both aspects are combined. Indeed, it is generally acknowledged that assessing the hygrothermal performance of building envelope systems is both expensive and time consuming. Such type of(More)
The paper presents an analysis of the Block Transmission System (BTS) that has recently been proposed for mobile channels. Decision boundaries and decision regions have been obtained for the Block Linear Equalizer and the Optimum Detector for the system. Expressions for the error probability for the two detection processes are obtained and these provide the(More)
There has been a number of software reliability growth models (SRGMs) proposed in literature. Due to several reasons, such as violation of modelspsila assumptions and complexity of models, the practitioners face difficulties in knowing which models to apply in practice. This paper presents a comparative evaluation of traditional models and use of genetic(More)
The behavioral description is transformed into binary level representation. The assembly instructions are profiled by providing test vectors. The critical kernel of the profiled data is identified manually and partitioned into hardware. The partitioned software module is transformed into control data flow graph. The control logic of the control data flow(More)
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