Mutasem El Fadel

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This study investigates the start-up and operation of bench-scale anaerobic digesters treating the source-sorted organic fraction of municipal solid waste in the absence of mesophilic inocula. The experimental program consisted of starting up a digester with two consecutive interventions implemented to approach steady state. While start-up was relatively(More)
This paper examines the effect of mixing on the performance of thermophilic anaerobic digestion of source-sorted organic fraction of municipal solid waste during the start-up phase and in the absence of an acclimated seed. For this purpose, two digesters were used under similar starting conditions and operated for 235 days with different mixing schemes.(More)
This paper presents a SWOT analysis of SEA systems in the Middle East North Africa region through a comparative examination of the status, application and structure of existing systems based on country-specific legal, institutional and procedural frameworks. The analysis is coupled with the multi-attribute decision making method (MADM) within an analytical(More)
Historically, municipal solid waste landfills have been designed and operated as storage facilities with suboptimal degradation under anaerobic conditions resulting in slow waste stabilization, gaseous emissions and leachate formation. This article examines the aerobic bioreactor alternative combining the recirculation of high strength leachate [chemical(More)
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