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The study dealt with the assessment of impact of deforestation on soil through a comparative analysis of soil physicochemical properties of natural forest and deforested areas. Soil samples from three depths (top, middle and bottom) under natural forest and nearby deforested areas were collected to investigate soil properties. Forest soils show no(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive study has been made to evaluate the performance of a MISO wireless communication system. The 4-by-1 spatially multiplexed Turbo encoded system under investigation incorporates Quasi-orthogonal space-time block coding (Q-STBC) and ML signal detection schemes under QPSK, QAM, 16PSK and 16QAM digital modulations. The simulation(More)
The main objective of this paper is to design and develop an automatic vehicle, fully controlled by a computer system. The vehicle designed in the present work can move in a predetermined path and work automatically without the need of any human operator and it also controlled by human operator. Such a vehicle is capable of performing wide variety of(More)
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