Mustapha Trafeh

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INTRODUCTION Pure posterior dislocation of the elbow is frequent in young subjects. The objective of treatment must be to reduce the dislocation and avoid complications, the most frequent being stiffness, but also elbow instability. The objective of this prospective study was to evaluate the functional and anatomical characteristics of two treatment(More)
We present a case of tuberculous tenosynovitis of the extensor tendons of the hand. Our patient was a young doctor working in the respiratory medicine department. He was injured on the dorsal aspect of the hand with a needle used for pleural aspiration. The clinical features consisted of gradually swelling, mild pain and stiffness of the metacarpophalangeal(More)
Peroneal nerve injury in the lateral aspect of the knee is frequent, commonly dominated by traumatic or compressive etiologies. Tumors, generally synovial cysts, are exceptional causes. We report a case of a 70-year-old women referred for assessment of peroneal palsy syndrome found to be related to peroneal schwannoma in the lateral aspect of the knee.(More)
INTRODUCTION Anterior open traumatic dislocation of the hip in children is rare. MATERIALS AND METHODS We report the case of a child aged 9 years, who presented following a motor vehicle accident an anterior open dislocation of the left hip associated with a fracture separation of the trochanter, a fracture of the homolateral humerus and a fracture of the(More)
Carpal perilunar dislocations are hidden lesions with uncertain outcome and treatment which is not yet standardized. This retrospective study including 39 cases of carpal perilunar dislocations helps clarify these issues. For fresh dislocations, the diagnosis was established in 66%. Surgical treatment was performed in 26 cases. Anatomic results showed(More)
Osteopoikilosis was discovered in a 53-year-old patient who suffered a fracture of the right femoral neck. Plain X-rays demonstrated symmetrical bilateral stippling of variable size. No images were seen in the skull and spine. The fracture of the femoral neck was treated by total hip replacement. At surgery, the joint cartilage of the femoral head and the(More)
Juvenile aponeurotic fibroma is a rare benign tumour which occurs mainly in young patients under 20 years of age and especially during childhood. Clinical presentation is a unique, hard and painless tumour of the palm or sole. The treatment commonly accepted for this locally recurrent tumour is complete excision with function preservation. In this paper, we(More)
Volar perilunar dislocation of the carpus is rare. We report three cases here. The patients were 18, 23 and 31 years of age. The etiology was a traffic accident in all cases and palmar hyperflexion of the wrist was noted in all three. Palmar dislocation was associated with a scaphoid fracture in two cases. In the third case, there was an associated fracture(More)
Elbow dislocations in the infant are not very frequent and are associated to the fractures. Their management must be urgent and rigorous if complications are to be avoided. We report the case of a child aged 12 who presented with a fracture-dislocation of the right elbow, after falling from a tree. The patient was treated in a standard manner for one month.(More)
Giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath (GCTTS), tenosynovial giant cell tumor are a group of rare proliferative disorders which involves synovial joints and tendon sheaths. Considerable confusion exists about the surgical treatment and diagnosis of these disorders. We report an exceptional case of a tenosynovial giant cell tumor of the forearm. It concerns a(More)