Mustapha Rachdi

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The non-parametric estimation of the growth curve has been extensively studied in both stationary and some nonstationary particular situations. In this work, we consider the statistical problem of estimating the average growth curve for a fixed design model with nonstationary error process. The nonstationarity considered here is of a general form, and this(More)
The classical models by Ross and McKendrick have to be revisited in order to incorporate dynamical elements coming from the demography and from the spatial aspects of epidemics. The classical approach is dealing with populations supposed to be constant during the epidemic wave, but the present pandemics show duration during years imposing now to take into(More)
We propose an asymptotically unbiased and consistent estimate of the bispectrum of a stationary continuous-time process X = {X(t)}t∈R. The estimate is constructed from observations obtained by a random sampling of the time by {X(τk)}k∈Z, where {τk}k∈Z is a sequence of real random variables, generated from a Poisson counting process. Moreover, we establish(More)
The problem of the nonparametric local linear estimation of the conditional density of a scalar response variable given a random variable taking values in a semi-metric space is considered. Some theoretical and practical asymptotic properties of this estimator are established. The usefulness of the estimator is highlighted through the exact expression(More)