Mustapha Réda Senouci

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One of the fundamental services provided by a wireless sensor network (WSN) is the monitoring of a specified region of interest (RoI). Considering the fact that emergence of holes in the RoI is unavoidable due to the inner nature of WSNs, random deployment, environmental factors, and external attacks, assuring that the RoI is completely and continuously(More)
We have conducted a performance study of the DSR protocol, in particular, for scenarios where it presents poor performance compared to that of AODV protocol. We have also carried out two optimizations on DSR, namely: generalized salvaging mechanism and cache update of the intermediate nodes with source routes discovered during the route request packets(More)
The Network Simulator (NS-2) is a most widely used network simulator. It has the capabilities to simulate a range of networks including wired and wireless networks. In this tutorial, we present the implementation of Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Protocol in NS-2. This tutorial is targeted to the novice user who wants to understand the(More)
Sensor placement is a fundamental issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The sensor-positions can be predetermined to guarantee the quality of surveillance provided by the WSN. However, in remote or hostile sensor field, randomised sensor placement often becomes the only option. In this paper, we survey existing random node placement strategies. We(More)