Mustapha Bourahla

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This article presents a contribution to the work taken in the bridging software development and ontology technologies. This contribution makes it possible to generate automatically an ontology OWL (Web Ontology Language) starting from a model UML and to profit from the convergence between UML and OWL. Our approach is carried out in the Eclipse platform, we(More)
One of the major advantages of model checking over other formal methods of verification is its ability to generate an error trace when the specification is falsified in the model. We call this trace a counterexample. In probabilistic model checking (PMC), counterexample generation has a quantitative aspect. The counterexample is a set of paths in which a(More)
Multi-agent systems are increasingly complex, and the problem of their verification and validation is acquiring increasing importance. In this paper we show how a well known and effective verification technique, model checking, can be generalized to deal with multi-agent systems. This paper explores a particular type of multi-agent system, in which each(More)
Existing techniques in high-level synthesis mostly assume a simple controller model in the form of a single FSM. However, in reality more complex controller architectures are often used. On the other hand, in the case of programmable processors, the controller architecture is largely defined by the available control-flow instructions in the instruction set.(More)
Models are placed by modeling paradigm at the center of development process. These models are represented by languages, like UML the language standardized by the OMG which became necessary for development. Moreover the ontology engineering paradigm places ontologies at the center of development process, in this paradigm we find OWL (the description language(More)
This paper presents a new methodology for model checking real-time systems based on the abstraction of time predicates. A real-time system is modeled with a timed automaton which is translated to a real-time program. The properties are specified with the temporal logic TCTL (Timed Computational Tree Logic). The real-time program and the TCTL property are(More)
In this paper we present an automatic combination of abstraction-refinement by which we translate a VHDL model describing a state system to an initial equivalent abstract system described by SMV to explore its state space to verify CTL properties. We present the method implemented to compute automatically abstractions using decision procedures. This method(More)
INTRODUCTION Paradoxical hypertrophy is frequent in case of peripheral lymph node tuberculosis. Its management remains controversial. CASE STUDY We report a case of susclavicular and anterior cervical lymph nodes tuberculosis complicated by paradoxical hypertrophy after 4 months of treatment in a 59-year-old woman. The lymph node was not compressive but(More)