Mustanser Badar

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We investigate the potential for the third-order aberrations coma and trefoil to provide a signed cue to accommodation. It is first demonstrated theoretically (with some assumptions) that the point spread function is insensitive to the sign of spherical defocus in the presence of odd-order aberrations. In an experimental investigation, the accommodation(More)
C. Botulinum growing the spores is found all over the world in the samples of soil and marine sediments and a normal healthy person can consume the spores. But when food is contaminated and the spores grow in anaerobic conditions then toxin is created with highly poisonous and toxic when ingested it. In food-borne botulism cases are linked with home(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine if cues within the blurred retinal image due to the Stiles-Crawford (SC) effect and the eye's monochromatic aberrations can drive accommodation with a small pupil (3 mm) that is typical of bright photopic conditions.The foveal, psychophysical SC function (17 min arc) and ocular monochromatic aberrations were(More)
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