Mustafa Yavuz

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This paper demonstrates and compares different experimental techniques utilized to estimate the quality factor (Q) and natural frequency from non-contact measurements of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) motions. The relative merits of those techniques are contrasted in Q factor estimation for a cantilever beam MEMS actuator, operated in three(More)
We studied the exposure behavior of low molecular weight polystyrene as a negative tone electron beam lithography (EBL) resist, with the goal of finding the ultimate achievable resolution. It demonstrated fairly well-defined patterning of a 20-nm period line array and a 15-nm period dot array, which are the densest patterns ever achieved using organic EBL(More)
Nanofabrication technology plays an important role in the performance of surface plasmonic devices such as extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) sensor. In this work, a double liftoff process was developed to fabricate a series of nanohole arrays of a hole diameter between 150 and 235 nm and a period of 500 nm in a 100-nm-thick gold film on a silica(More)
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